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Please reach out to or give us a call at (417) 823-7180 with your name, organization, and phone number or email address.

Dining to Donate in 5 Easy Steps

1. Find a great cause to raise funds for (Class trips, schools, Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts, Relay for Life, athletic teams, service trips, clubs, PTAs, cheer or dance teams, etc…)

2. Schedule your event with us

3. Advertise, advertise and advertise! Consult the six keys to a successful “Dining to Donate” for more information

4. Enjoy a great meal during your “Dining to Donate “event with all your friends and family

5. Receive your donation check within 4 to 6 weeks of your event

Dining to Donate Policies

>Primas will provide 10% of any check on your specific day (excluding gift card sales) that is accompanied by a valid “Dining to Donate” flyer for your group/organization

>Guests may dine in, or takeout food for the fundraiser. As long as they have a flyer with them or show it on their phone, their donation will be counted

>“Dining to Donate” events are hosted Monday, Wednesday or Thursday during evenings 3-9pm. 

>Only a valid “Dining to Donate” flyer will be counted for donation in person or via email on a smartphone. Instagram or Facebook if you choose to distribute on social media but must show our flyer on the event.

>Flyers must be distributed prior to the event night. You may not stand outside the restaurant and hand out flyers to guests entering the restaurant. If your organization distributes flyers during your event, no funds will be donated, and your event will 

Six Keys to a Successful Dining to Donate

Schedule at least 4 weeks in advance

Schedule your “Dining to Donate” at least four weeks in advance. Four weeks provides you an ample amount of time to properly promote your event

Print the official handout

Once your “Dining to Donate” flyer is e-mailed to you print and distribute to all your family and friends. This is the only flyer that will be valid. 

E-mail BLAST or Social Media

E-mailing “Dining to Donate” flyers to your family and friends is the quickest and easiest way to create buzz and generate interest in your event. Simply attach the file to your e-mail and send away. Once your e-mail is sent, all your friends and family need to do is print it out. Upload the flyer to an “Event” page on Facebook and invite guests! Just make sure you state they need to show the event flyer from the page to their server!

Give reminders 48 hours before the event

Two days before your “Dining to Donate” remind your family and friends of the event. They will already have the flyer, and have it marked on their calendar, but hearing your voice will motivate them to attend.

Encourage friends and family to bring one person each

This is the easiest way to double your donation total. If you know one of your friends or family members is attending encourage them to bring one more person with them.

Experiment with unique advertising techniques

In addition to distributing and e-mailing flyers try a unique advertising technique such as inserting your flyer into the school newspaper, weekly 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How much money will I raise?

A: The average check at Primas is $15.00 per person. Ten percent of a $15.00 check translates into a $1.50 donation. You can estimate your total by dividing your monetary goal by 1.5. For example, if $250.00 is your donation goal you need 167 people (250/$1.50) to attend your event. Please note that the method is ONLY a way of ESTIMATING your total.

Q: Is everything ordered on the check included in the fundraiser?

A: Yes, the families entire check from drinks through dessert is included in the amount figured for donation purposes. Tell the families to take advantage of all that Primas has to offer as the higher their check, the more that is donated to your group. The subtotal amount, before taxes, is the total that is figured for the 10% donation. 

Q: When will I receive my check?

A: Your check will be directly mailed to the address you provided to the Primas manager within four to six weeks of your event date.

Q: My event was a success! Can I do it again?

A: Of course! You can schedule the date with a manager at Primas.

Q: Who should I contact for additional information?

A: Please speak to the manager at the Primas location that is hosting your “Dining to Donate” event.